Friday, 19 February 2021

Something Wicked... Coming soon!

Book one in The Lockhart Legacy Series... Something Wicked!

Something wicked this way comes…

You’d think being the descendant of powerful witches would grant me the power to sort out my life, right? But you’d be wrong. I’m stuck in a rut, disdained by my family, and my romantic life is a disaster. Oh, and did I forget to mention that I have no magic?

When a cursed heirloom is stolen, I should stay out of it and leave the retrieval to those better equipped but everything seems to lead back to me… 

With the help of an enigmatic bounty hunter, I may be able to clear my name and retrieve the artefact before death and chaos are unleashed upon my beloved city but doing so could cost me everything -- including my life.

Releasing March 1st 2021

Links coming soon!

(Will be available in Kindle Unlimited.)


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