Wednesday, 21 February 2018

No, I'm not dead...

I'm back!
Actually, I never went away, I've just been too poorly and miserable to do more than what was absolutely necessary to get through a day and that meant my writing, publishing, social media, blog, email - everything writing-related really - went abandoned because it wasn't necessary to my immediate needs. 
That sounds horrible like I don't think writing and building my writing career (hopefully a career!) is important, but I do!
I've just been seriously bloody ill.

Remember when I wrote that Something Wicked would be delayed because I broke ribs in a fit of stupidity? 
Remember the hideous optimism that I'd only be a week or so delayed because I'd have time at home, while my ribs were healing, and I'd be able to crack on with the finishing touches and it'd all be awesome?
How stupid was I?!
Have you ever broken a rib? How about multiple? 
I'll tell you now, it HURTS. 
Hurts like hell to sit, to stand, to walk to bend, to lie down... To BREATHE!
It's a whole world of hurt and one of the main pieces of advice you get is to be sure to cough regularly and try and take regular deep breaths - even though it HURTS - to ensure your lungs are able to clear the mucus etc.
Yeah. It's not fun, but I was doing ok until I caught the 'Aussie Flu'. 
Then I legit thought I was going to die.
The flu has a way of making you so ill that you kinda feel like you are dying anyway, but when you combine the flu with broken ribs?!
Holy hell in an organza handbasket. 
I legit thought I was going to die.
And of course I developed a chest infection.
Of course I did! 
Because I have the worst luck in the world and having the flu, and broken ribs, wasn't bad enough.
I ended up in hospital on a wonderful antibiotic drip; for the chest infection, not the flu, fyi. 
I was monstrously ill. 
Utterly miserable and completely wiped out even when I started to feel better.

This is me, 6 weeks or so later just starting to feel better.
And I'm not feeling 100% better. 
I'm still tired. 
So, so, tired... But I'm back.
I'm dusting myself off and getting back on with things.

What I'm not doing is publishing Something Wicked.
I know. I really do know. 
It's like, does this book even exist?! (It does.)
Is she crazy?! (Maybe.) 
Is she making this shit up?! (Sadly, no.)
I just want to release this book, my first book, without feeling like it's cursed. 
I've worked so hard and I don't want to mess everything up.
I sometimes feel like just hitting publish then trying to get people to read it would be a good plan.
But, I want to give it a little bit of fan-fare!
I want time to contact some bloggers and see if they'll help me share the news.
Time to, maybe, organize a book blitz to mark its launch. 
Or a giveaway. 
Or both!
I basically want a do-over of 2018 (so far) and since I can't have that I'm giving myself a do-over of my book launch.

Something Wicked WILL release on March 29th. 
Just in time for Easter weekend!

To those that read this, or are genuinely curious about this book, thank you! I am so sorry to have let you down.
To everyone else... Hi?

Hope you have a good week!


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