Saturday, 13 January 2018

Something Wicked Delay!

Something Wicked was supposed to be published this past Thursday (11th) but I haven't been able to upload it yet. 
The reason for this is because I fell on the stairs Monday morning while rushing around like a mad thing trying to get everybody out the door on time for first day back at school, and work, after the Christmas holidays. 
The fall resulted in me, somehow, managing to dislocate my shoulder and break a couple of ribs! 
I also got a nice bump on the head for my troubles and I basically have spent the last few days feeling very sorry for myself while not being able to do much more than binge watch crap on Netflix and sleep.

Not a good start to the New Year!

I'm obviously still very sore but I hope to finish formatting, finish tweaking the blurb (which is SO difficult!) and have the manuscript uploaded sometime over the coming week.

It's disappointing that I missed my self-imposed deadline for publication but shit happens and, in this case, things could have been much worse... I could have broken more than my ribs!

I hope you understand.



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