Tuesday, 26 September 2017

The Evolution and Completion of Something Wicked

For those precious few who long ago (almost two years ago!) read a 30,000 word novella titled Something Wicked by the author Sorcha McInnes, I thank you (and I apologise).

Something Wicked was part one of a trilogy of novellas and the aim was to publish them in close succession telling the story of Colm and Millie.

I self-published Something Wicked in December 2015 and those who read it generally liked it (from the reviews anyway!) but I never published part two and I never finished part three. 
I had issues, you can read a little about them in my previous post. I fell flat on my face and almost quit writing.

Drawing a line under the past, aka Sorcha, and starting over was a great decision for me personally and I thought, long and hard, about never revealing that I had once tried to launch a career as Sorcha McInnes and just leave Colm and Millie in incomplete limbo.

But I couldn't do it. 

The simple fact is that I kinda love those characters and I felt I owed it to those who once read the novella to finish the story.
I had to finish the story before I could move on.

My options as I saw them were: 

Finish the novellas and publish them as Sorcha McInnes quietly and just leave them there for anyone who was inclined to look. 

This option would have been the simplest option. I had the second novella - which was titled Something Wild - written. I was writing novella three. I could have just silently published everything and walked away. 

It felt wrong. Cowardly.

Finish the novellas and publish them as 'Emery Nicolson writing as Sorcha McInnes'. 

This was doable. I had the covers, I just needed to have them adapted a little. I could then have promoted the novellas and then continued onward.
But it didn't feel right either.

Republish as Emery Nicolson and re-work the novellas into a single novel.

This option was the most complicated. It meant that I had an almost complete book in terms of word count but ONLY in terms of word count. This option meant I'd have to re-write sections, namely the chapters surrounding where one novella ended and the next begun. I'd have to be very clear, for those who read/purchased Something Wicked originally, that around 30,000 words were more or less the same as they'd already read and I'd have to state that Emery Nicolson IS Sorcha McInnes.

This option was what my gut, and my heart, told me to do. 
The truth is, Something Wicked should have always been ONE BOOK. I should NEVER have split it up into novellas. 
I did it so that I could start publishing my work sooner rather than later. I didn't split the story into novellas because it was the right thing to do for the story or the readers, or myself, but because I wanted to hit publish.
It was so stupid...

So, I decided that if I'm doing this, if I'm re-releasing Something Wicked, then I'm going to do it the way I should have done it in the first place. 
I'm currently re-working the novellas into one and then writing the ending.

I have a beautiful, custom made, cover to share as soon as I've finished re-working the manuscript, written the complete blurb, and settled on a concrete release date.

I'm hoping it'll be before Halloween but I'm not rushing it so if I have to hold off until Halloween next year then I will!

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